STAY GOLD- Permanent Outdoor Installation

Winner of the 2017 Public Space Challenge Grant, Located at the famous Robert Is Here Farm, In partnership with O, Miami | Metal and Concrete | April 2019

Stay Gold is the first Sunscape by Jessy Nite: a series of large scale, site-specific, outdoor sculptures that reflect their neighboring environment.  Text based, the structure is actually the negative space between the letters, and the positive form of the letter shapes are visually filled by the changing sunlight, landscape, people and activity surrounding the sculpture.  The text acts as a frame to tell a story, narrated by the environment that fills it in.

Sunscapes will be placed around Miami-Dade County to draw attention to the culture and environment of lesser known areas.  These large sculptures act as a beacon to the neighboring community and, through thoughtful year-round programming with local non profit O, Miami, these locations will become a center for free community engagement, cultural exchange, and education. 

Each Sunscape is accompanied by an Activity Zine designed by Jessy, full of fun interactive pages that educate about the community, culture, and ecology of the area surrounding the sculpture.

jessy nite

young contemporary artist living and working in miami...specializing in interactive, site specific installations and custom, hand drawn typography.