SUN IS HIGH, SO AM I Sun Installation

Sun Installation | Soho Beach House | June 2016 | Miami, FL

“The Sun is a major part of our lives here in Miami.  Its a constant and it connects all of us.  By harnessing sunlight, these installations allow The Sun to narrate human stories of our city."

For more photos, concept statement and an interview about this piece with Soho House Magazine, check out the link below.

<< check out this great little iphone video of a passing cloud (in real time, no time lapse!) 

HIGH HOPES Sun Installation

Outdoor Installation, Little Haiti- Miami

Here's a quickie drive-by video to capture the hustle and bustle around my Outdoor Sun Installation, "High Hopes" on 71st Street in Little Haiti, Miami. The background music is a pirate radio station that only played 90s Hip Hop....