HELLUVA DRUG- Special Edition Print!

As a part of my So Chill... show with Vienna based artist collective Perfekt World, I am releasing a very special screen print: Helluva Drug.  Featuring some of the most classic Jessy Nite text sayings, the 40*50cm 4C rainbow color print is highly limited to 36 pieces, each unique because of the custom on-screen color blend.  They will be available 150 Euro at the opening of So Chill... on 16th of August 2014 at Perfekt Box Gallery.  

You can also email to mail@perfektworld.net for orders!!!  Worldwide shipping!

SO CHILL- Opens 8/16 in Vienna

Get ready, Vienna!  So Chill, the first of my two solo exhibitions here, opens August 16 at Perfekt Box in the Museums Quartier!  Its the first all-typography show I've done, so come check me out!  

Perfekt World is pleased to present "SO CHILL..." - an installation project from American artist, Jessy Nite. The culmination of her month-long residency in Vienna, this group of typographic works plays into Nite's signature world of faded tropical dreams. Using bold text, bright colors, and brash narratives, Nite evokes nostalgia for youthful, "washed-out" days in the sun.


Here is the official lineup for the Jessy Nite Endless Summer European tour 2014!  There is more information coming, so keep checking the site.  And, live the summer vicariously through me via instagram!  This is going to be the most amazing experience, and I am so grateful to the teams of people who believe in me enough to work so hard to make these shows happen.  Now...get siked EU, im coming for ya!!!


After months of planning, I am thrilled to announce my solo exhibition KEEP COOL, opening in LONDON this JUNE 19-28th.  The show is full of new works and completely new directions, so I'm super excited to share it with everyone!  Check out MEKAPopUpArt.com for show updates and info.  

This is one of THREE shows I will open across Europe this summer so keep checking back for more updates!  

UPCOMING: Cash Cans and Cocaine


The boys from Perfekt World gallery/artcollective in Vienna have been in town for the last month with the Fountainhead Residency.  While they've been here cranking out pieces, they have also been working to assemble a group show featuring the new work they created at the residency alongside some local favs like Typoe, Andrew Nigon, Temi Okpaku, myself and more!

They are taking all of our works and setting them up as a giant installation that will look like the inside of a drug dealers stash house...money, valuables, bitches?  Who knows!  Seemingly endless possibilities.  Come check it out this weekend!!! 

January 10/11 7pm-11pm

2301 North Miami Avenue/WYNWOOD