UPCOMING: Cash Cans and Cocaine


The boys from Perfekt World gallery/artcollective in Vienna have been in town for the last month with the Fountainhead Residency.  While they've been here cranking out pieces, they have also been working to assemble a group show featuring the new work they created at the residency alongside some local favs like Typoe, Andrew Nigon, Temi Okpaku, myself and more!

They are taking all of our works and setting them up as a giant installation that will look like the inside of a drug dealers stash house...money, valuables, bitches?  Who knows!  Seemingly endless possibilities.  Come check it out this weekend!!! 

January 10/11 7pm-11pm

2301 North Miami Avenue/WYNWOOD

NO STRINGS ATTACHED: Art Basel Week 2013

Jessy Nite is pleased to announce No Strings Attached, her very own pop up Gallery/Boutique space right in the heart of Wynwood. View new and recent works in a variety of mediums, including a selection from Nite's recent show Behavioral Patterns at the Arts and Culture Center of Hollywood.  For this special occasion Nite has also created/selected limited edition boutique items including a line of jewelry made from her signature pills (seen in Roll Model), a new print series, rainbow python clutches and more. 

Open daily, Wednesday Dec 4 - Sunday Dec 8, Noon to 10pm.

Sponsored by Baumann Cosmetic and Research Facility



Long time Miami homie and photog extraordinaire, David Cabrera, came by to take some snaps of my studio just as I was finishing up for my latest solo show, Behavioral Patterns.  Its such a dope look into my space...he got snoopy and flicked all the cracks and crevasses, managing to catch some of the best details of my home-away-from-home.  Take a look HERE and dig through his site to see more studio visits as well as his commercial werk.  Thanks David!!!




Check out this great review of this month's programming at the Arts and Culture Center Hollywood, including a bit about my show Behavioral Patterns.  I can't even say how dope all of the shows are.  The shows really compliment one another and all of the work is even person...get over there if you haven't already!  Oh and Wayne White (no NOT the guy from Breaking Bad) is giving a talk there this Saturday, which is yet another great excuse to make the trip.  Thanks for the writeup Boca Mag!



A few years back I was connected with the people at FREESIZE Thailand and was invited to do a show with them.  Although I was never able to make it out to Bangkok for the actual show, I got to know some of the other artists through online exchanges.  

One guy in particular, Tum aka Mamafaka, kept in closest contact with me over the years.  In that time I watched him grow into a very successful artist, representing Thailand for many worldwide brands.  His work was light, happy and full of personality.  We shared a connection through a mutual respect and love of typography and stylized illustration, and I think sometimes our own work was even inspired by one another.

I found out that Tum recently had an accident and passed away, and the news came as a real shock to me.  Its so sad see someone so young and ambitious go too soon.  It was so fun to see him climbing up to the top, and I hope that his work will be remembered for a long time.  

Tum, I wish we got the chance to really collaborate together like we had hoped.  I will always remember you and our exchanges and I am so sorry to see you go.  Hell Yeah forever!!!