An Interactive Experience | Miami, FL | 2012


Miami-based artist Jessy Nite has forged a reputation for creating site-specific experiences that challenge and inspire viewers.  Launching during Miami’s fair week on Thursday, December 6 at 9:00 p.m. at 1234 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, her latest show Under The Scope will again offer a window into Nite’s world of opulence, excess, addiction and tropical dreams.

"I've been painting kaleidoscopic images of things that cloud my head... wealth, excess, vice,” said Nite.  “With Under The Scope, I wanted to go beyond showing their representations and toward making them feel real."

A large kaleidoscope revealing the objects of Nite’s affection will be affixed to the sidewalk on Washington at 12th Street, inviting guests to take it for a spin.  With live video and projection mapping, the user will be immersed in the visuals of the scope as they’re broadcasted on one of Miami Beach's historic Art Deco buildings.

Nite explains, "I want people to feel powerful and dreamy when they use my kaleidoscope.  With giant swirling compositions of jewels, drugs and color, they’ll be entering the imaginary world from which I create.”

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jessy nite

young contemporary artist living and working in miami...specializing in interactive, site specific installations and custom, hand drawn typography.