HIGH HOPES Sun Installation

Outdoor Installation, Little Haiti- Miami

Here's a quickie drive-by video to capture the hustle and bustle around my Outdoor Sun Installation, "High Hopes" on 71st Street in Little Haiti, Miami. The background music is a pirate radio station that only played 90s Hip Hop....


Interactive Exhibition for Miami Art Week 2015


Miami artist Jessy Nite welcomes you into her latest solo exhibition Feels Like Home, a fully functional and interactive space to view and create art.  Staged to replicate her own home studio, view Nite's latest works among her collection of vintage furniture and personal artifacts.  Visitors are welcomed to come on in and take a seat, charge their phone and rest their eyes from the typical white box exhibition spaces and view Jessy's wide range of formal gallery works in a setting that feels comfortable and familiar. 

Because no lounge is complete without a reading nook, Miami-based Dale Zine will curate a library of their own publications featuring Miami artists like Jen Stark, Friends With You, and Gabe Alcala from Jacuzzi Boys.  There will be special events throughout the week and items for sale ranging from collector prices to small items under $20 and visitors can even make their own zines.