thats right...YOU could be the next big thing in advertising!!! we are looking for real people to be the stars of our new, MEGA HUGE AWESOME AMAZING TOTALLY CRAZY FUN LOVING INCREDIBLE MIND BLOWING, nationwide campaign. go HERE to audition on facebook. you can make a video using your webcam right then and pesky formatting required! you just turn on your camera, talk allllll about yourself, and then submit it! we will be chosing our finalists vrrrry soon so give it your best and show how f-ing rad you are. its worth it...fame, money, sex. drugs, power and advertising await you....
(oh yeah...if youre a latino/a between the ages of 18-24)


these are some logos for EL VICENTENARIO...a festival for Mexico's Bicentennial in 2010 (which is "BICENTENARIO" en espaรฑol), featuring mexican superstar, VICENETE FERNANDEZ. i hear that he is like a mexican elvis. NO ONE is like a mexican elvis...although johnny cash DID do some spanish albums, so maybe hes pretty close. buuuuut, that is beside the point. getting back on track....yes, these are some logo samples. i made a font from the lettering style of one of VICENTE's albums, EL IDOLO DE MEXICO...then i 2010'd it uppp. btw...there were absolutely NO guidelines or details about this project except for what i told you already.


i posted these jerseys awhile back and i was SO happy to find out that the client actually picked my favorite one!!! FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE!!! (dum dum dummm!) so then i had to make matching decals to place on various cars throughout the series. WELL...yeah...i was siked because i finally got something awesome through the client and then, wouldnt you know it, everything went to shit and its not happening anymore. i guess i cant say why this happened, but know that it sucks. oh well....tis the bizzzzzz. but damn i was really looking forward getting flicks of these actually produced and in tv stills!!!!!!!!!


this is the title of the blog i made this morning. basically, we are trying to win this client and they sent us...USSSSSS...the f-ing creatives, this INSAAAAANO survey to answer. it has really difficult and confusing questions that i couldnt even begin to understand (none of us could). proper advertising form, we decided to answer the questions like the cool, hip, irreverent people we are (i know...adddddvertising. jeeeez). we were (of course) encouraged to use links to videos and photos and say whatever we thought to be interesting/has SOMETHING to do with the questions. instead of just putting it in an email, i thought it would be more fun to make it a bloggggg (cause im a bloggin maniac!). so here it is: DEAR PROSEPCTIVE CLIENT


im working on a project with mexican soccer star JORGE CAMPOS as the host/spokes person. he was reallllllly popular in the early 90s for wearing the most amazingly outrageous goalie jerseys (personally, i dont think theyre so outrageous...i think theyre jusssssst right hehe!). here is a an example:

i had to do a few different options in all blue...the one that tops this post is my favorite...i like to call it the FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE!!! but here are the rest of em


right now i am working on a pitch for a new exciting product!!! which means i have a LOT of research, preparation and convincing to do before anything actually happens. i made this collage for an internal presentation to help define the interests of our target audience (the concept we are working off of is called CULTURE COLLECTORS, as you can see). its a quickie project that will never be seen by the "real world", but it was still fun to make.