DROPPIN IN: mixtape artwerk


its summer as fucccccccccckkkkkkkkk over here...check out this mixtape from Miami Beach's own, TonyG!  This is the perfect mix to keep ur summer alive and ur booty a-shakin!  Cover artwerk my me!  This was a fun one!  Heres a link to a free download! 


Here are the final pics from the Radio Active EP artwerk I did for Not For The Radio...check out my website to see more images annnnnd check me out below for the eluuuusive, excluuuusive, edition-of-12, black tee...captured at the record release party by WorldRedEye....

RADIO ACTIVE EP: tee shirt giveaway!!!

After doing the cover for the Get Siked Summer Mixtape, I got up with miami locals Not For The Radio once again for their Radio Active EP album artwerk. As you can imagine, as soon as I heard "radio active" I had drippy oozy letter vision!!!

The CDs are still on press, but we just got the tee shirt proofs back...fucking RRAAADICALLL!!! And even more rad? They're going to be given away for FREEEEEE to the first 50 boys and first 50 girls to attend the EP release party this Friday, September 16 at Arkadia!!! WHHHAAA!?!?!?!!? I know! So come out to grab a CD and tee, and support your boys by shakin it eXXXtra hard on the dance floor...woohoo!


Wasssssup people...been out for a hot minute and thats because I actually took a mother fucking VACATIONNNNN!!! Like, a for real one, where you get on a plane, and go far away and do awesome shit...like nothing. NOTHING!!! I didn't do anything the whole time I was gone and it was soooo dooope! I feel like 8 million dollars...cash....in 20s and 100s.

But now I'm back just in time to start finally rolling out some of the projects that lead to that oh-so-needed vacay. Mannnn I've been dying to share some of them and I am gonna explode if I have to wait much longer....

First one out the door is the GET SIKED Summer Mixtape for MIA locals, Not For The Radio. Listen the mixtape here and get ready for a very cardiovascular 80+ minutes worth of bootyshakin!!!

There are a limited number of actual CDs that are going to be circulating around, so keep ur eyes peeled! I will post the full kit when I get them back from the printer...in the meantime, GET FUCKING SIKED....ITS SUMMERTIME, MUTHA FUCKKKKKAAASSSS!!!


check out the boys of Axe and the Oak! They keep getting more and more props and I couldnt be prouder....because they are INCREDIBLE! Check this article from Miami New Times Crossfade music blog, calling their Record Store Day 2010 album one for the best from this year...and it really is.


For Record Store Day this year, the incredibly talented AXE AND THE OAK invited me to make some vrrrry special, vrrrrrry limited edition album covers. They wanted something super simple with a little bit of a throwback feel, so we came to an agreement on the final design, BUT to make it extra special, I decided to handmake each one! They are an addition of 50 and each one is hand stamped and hand embossed, front and back, with a rubber stamp that I had custom made from the original artwork. It was soooo much fun to make and, though each has its own small imperfections, they came out pretty dope. And I have to say that doing something handmade really fits this band...they are perfectionists in both the studio and onstage. The minimal look also fits them because, well, thats just their steez...I can't really explain it. Anyway...here are some photos and if you want to see them live for the release, they'll be playing at RADIOACTIVE RECORDS in FT. LAUDERDALE tonight!!! go support good music and snazzy design


check out the new and improved JESSYNITE.COM. it has a delicious sampling of illustration and commercial projects as well as a few portfolio pdfs for download and lots of clouds and love. THIS is still the place to go to see everything new though, so keep checkin in! the new site is pretty simple because i normally use flash over html, but i wanted it to be IPHONE FRIENDLY!!! so tell a friend, tell a colleague, tell a really rich person that wants to support my art habit....


ima gonna teaaaase you and show this lovely web version of an album cover i just finished for ny dj/producer: NIRE! i met her through my MARRIED TO THE MOB and KOOCHIE VISION connections and she asked me to work on the front and back cover for this new single with JASMINE SOLANO. lucky me, its going to be printed on 12 INCH VINYL!!! woohoo! once its all pressed and produced, i will show you the real album artwerkings. the single drops NOVEMBER 24TH so stay tuned....