FIATUSA.COM: New Website Launch!!!


WOWWWWEEEE!!!  I am SO excited (and relieved) to announce the launch of the brand spankin new Fiat USA brand website! We have been working super on this project, under a really tight deadline, so it feels really good to see it go live.  Keep checking back in as well layer more interactivity and story to the pages!  And go test drive one of these cuties!!!


FIVE TO NINE: Upcoming!

Through my good buddy Gustavo (we painted Fiats together) at 131 Projects, I am happy to announce the opening of Five to Nine...a group show of Sapient artists.

We open this Friday, June 3rd from 7-10pm at the Grand Opening of The Buck House...a new spot by Buck15 at Villa, downtown. Come grab a drink and see what we do when we are off the clock....


Check out the big bad mamma jamma website we are rolling out for the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee! Its been a lot of work and I am super proud (yet again) of my amazing team. It takes you on a 3D journey through the build process with deep dives of JGC features and specs, where even more of the videos we did can be found and enjoyed. There is also a "gallery" with wallpaper downloads, photos, videos (some awesome historical goodies) and more. This is just Phase I, so stay tuned :)


This is a realllly sick buy (I think its a new thing MSN is doing). You go to, and what looks like a regular square banner begins to spin and when you click it, is a cube that unfolds full screen. Each side has its own content and, in our case, the videos that we did can then navigate throught he content by click the fullscreen to the left or right, spinning the cube, or unfolding it. It is so dope and was a LOT of work, and I am super proud of my whole team for coming together and kicking ASS on it.

Its only up for a day, so be sure to check it out. Eventually, I will have an archival video of it on here, but that may take awhile.


i just went to youtube to watch some stupid video, and then was stopped by this breathtakingly beautiful banner on the homepage. oh wait, thats MY banner! hahaha go to the youtube homepage (i think its up all day...not sure how that buy works) to check out the interactive, expandable, video banner for the "all new 2011 grand cherokee" woop woop.


thats right...YOU could be the next big thing in advertising!!! we are looking for real people to be the stars of our new, MEGA HUGE AWESOME AMAZING TOTALLY CRAZY FUN LOVING INCREDIBLE MIND BLOWING, nationwide campaign. go HERE to audition on facebook. you can make a video using your webcam right then and pesky formatting required! you just turn on your camera, talk allllll about yourself, and then submit it! we will be chosing our finalists vrrrry soon so give it your best and show how f-ing rad you are. its worth it...fame, money, sex. drugs, power and advertising await you....
(oh yeah...if youre a latino/a between the ages of 18-24)


check out the new and improved JESSYNITE.COM. it has a delicious sampling of illustration and commercial projects as well as a few portfolio pdfs for download and lots of clouds and love. THIS is still the place to go to see everything new though, so keep checkin in! the new site is pretty simple because i normally use flash over html, but i wanted it to be IPHONE FRIENDLY!!! so tell a friend, tell a colleague, tell a really rich person that wants to support my art habit....


i posted these jerseys awhile back and i was SO happy to find out that the client actually picked my favorite one!!! FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE!!! (dum dum dummm!) so then i had to make matching decals to place on various cars throughout the series. WELL...yeah...i was siked because i finally got something awesome through the client and then, wouldnt you know it, everything went to shit and its not happening anymore. i guess i cant say why this happened, but know that it sucks. oh well....tis the bizzzzzz. but damn i was really looking forward getting flicks of these actually produced and in tv stills!!!!!!!!!


this is the title of the blog i made this morning. basically, we are trying to win this client and they sent us...USSSSSS...the f-ing creatives, this INSAAAAANO survey to answer. it has really difficult and confusing questions that i couldnt even begin to understand (none of us could). proper advertising form, we decided to answer the questions like the cool, hip, irreverent people we are (i know...adddddvertising. jeeeez). we were (of course) encouraged to use links to videos and photos and say whatever we thought to be interesting/has SOMETHING to do with the questions. instead of just putting it in an email, i thought it would be more fun to make it a bloggggg (cause im a bloggin maniac!). so here it is: DEAR PROSEPCTIVE CLIENT