This summer I was part of the group show Cash, Cans, and Candy III at HilgerNEXT in Vienna, so I recently went out there for the closing of the show and a few other projects.  I had a great time working on some public projects and hanging out in one of the cleanest, chillest cities in the world (Vienna is so beautiful!).  Heres a little recap of everything, but follow me on Instagram if you want to see more stuff while its  actually happening!

CAFE NENI- NaschtMarkt

Here's a little time lapse of me painting with my friend Judith hanging out and helping!

The NaschtMarkt is an outdoor dining market that runs about 1 mile along the Wein River.  The NaschMarkt is Vienna's most popular market and is known to be full of small bursts of street work from international muralists (there is very limited wall space). I was commissioned to do a small wall in the dining area at Restaurant Neni, owned by a family of local restauranteurs.  (Their restaurants are all healthy and delicious so I love visiting them!)

SPRAY PAINT WORK SHOP- Theresianium school

I took a private-school class of 24 11-year-olds out to the street to teach them how to use spray paint.  Haha...yeah...lets just say it ended up being a free for all, but some of the kids were really into it.  And yes, they all spoke impressive!  I had a really great time seeing them have so much fun...they had their own crew names and characters and everything!  I posted a bunch of live videos from this on Instagram that were sooo hilarious (follow me if you dont already...the new video feature is great for bts!).  Thanks to the school and to their teacher for being so laid back and allowing me to influence the future vandals of the world!

DISAPPEAR HERE- Sun Installation at WiPark at LiesingTransit Hub

Installation video by Artis.Love

The first International Sun Installation, Disappear Here, went up at the WiPark at Liesing Transit Hub in Vienna.  Its about three stories tall and faces North-West.  I am thrilled with the placement of the piece because the concept of the text works so well with the location, which is what I always strive for with these installations.

The best time to view it: year round is from about 2:30pm-5:30pm.  It should receive light throughout most of the day during the peak summer months

CASH, CANS, AND CANDY III- Closing Reception

  Sebastian Shager, Peter Phobia, me, Boicut, Z

Sebastian Shager, Peter Phobia, me, Boicut, Z

For the closing of the show, the gallery held a handful of events including a local Mural Tour, catalog reviews and artist talks.  There was a lot of international talent in the show, but there is a solid crew of local, talented artists/gallerists/curators in vienna holding it down that were represented as well.  Such a great community out there, so thank you so much to everyone I got to spend time with!!!  And a very special thanks to Katrin Sophie for putting everything together and showing me such a great time!