MADE IN THE SHADE: Latest Sun Installation Opens in Wynwood

The latest of the Sun Installation Series opened this week in Wynwood and I have to say, its VERY exciting!  "Made In The Shade" is three stories tall and each row of hot pink acrylic letters is about 14 feet across.

The work is installed on a brand new building, 2121 Wynwood.  This is the new home of the Miami Spaces offices and art collection (which will be open to the public).  The exterior is a reflection of the tight relationship that the company has with local and international artists, with murals by ROA, Johnny Robles and 2alas.  Its always nice to be in the great company of talented friends!



2121 NW 2nd AVE, Wynwood (the corner of 21 Street and NW 1 Place)

  • because the wall faces East, it receives light as the sun rises
  • the work is in full view from first daylight until about 1-2pm (depending on the time of year)
  • optimum viewing time is from about  12-1pm, because the shadow grows to its tallest height   

I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who made this possible for me.  Kathryn Mikesell of Your Fountainhead for her advisement, the incredibly talented Deft Union for fabrication, and of course Miami Spaces for being such wonderful patrons and supporters of the arts.