The second outdoor Sun Installation is being revealed this month at Soho House Miami!  Head up to Ocho on the 8th Floor and check out "Sun Is High, So Am I" up above the pool.  The year long performance and interaction with the sun officially begins on June 20th (Summer Equinox), and the shadow letters will have more and more visibility each day as the year continues!  We will have lots of fun activities throughout the year so sign up for my mailing list to get the private invites!


"HOUSE HIGHLIGHTS" Interview with Soho House


What is the Sun Installation Series?

The sun installations are a new series of outdoor text works.  Letters that I create are mounted perpendicular to an outdoor wall, and as the sun rises and sets, it catches the letters, revealing a message through their cast shadows.  Some of the messages are nostalgic and sensitive, some are just for fun, but all of the messages relate to their location and are a reflection of the surroundings.

Up until very recently these installations have only been indoors in gallery exhibitions, but the piece I am installing at Soho House is one of the first outdoor instances.  


What inspired these works?

The Sun is a major part of our lives here in Miami.  Its a constant and it connects all of us.  By harnessing sunlight, these installations allow The Sun to narrate human stories of our city.


What reactions have you had to the outdoor works so far?

Taking this series outdoors, seeing the text move around with the sun all day, it becomes dynamic and automatically more exciting.

In May we put up the first outdoor piece, “High Hopes”, in Little Haiti and it has been so much fun.  Seeing the text become dynamic and move around with the sun all day is just really exciting in general,  but seeing the way the text acts as a backdrop to the people, culture and vibe of the neighborhood is what makes the work so special.  

Tips for Viewing for “Sun Is High:”

  • The sun, the reason why many people flock to Miami, is the activator and performer in this work.
  • The work is site specific and works with ever-changing position of the sun.
  • The text reads: Sun Is High, So Am I.
  • Everyday of the year, the best time to view the piece will be different.
  • June is when the piece is “emerging” and starting its cycle of visibility.
  • June 20 is the Summer Solstice, when the sun is the most opposite of the piece. It will be visible for the shortest amount of time all year.
  • “Sun is High” will be more and more visible every day after the Summer Solstice.
  • By mid September, the start of the season here in Miami, the sun will be shining on the piece most of the day.  
  • The sun is in the best position for viewing the piece (it should receive the longest amount of sunlight that day) December 21, the Winter Solstice.  Seems like a great time for a party!
  • The piece will be visible throughout most of the day through the end of March (the Spring Equinox) 
  • The stainless steel letters make the work visible at all times even without the sun.  Stand below and look up!