#BECKSURBANCANVAS Launch at Wynwood Walls

Detail shot of the photobackground and pedestals i painted...

The official launch of the #BecksUrbanCanvas campaign was held last week at Wynwood Walls, Miami.  Each participating artist had some work on display, as well as some really fun activations: live screen printing from 2alas, Tee and Tote giveaway from Jose Mertz, and artist coaster set.  I contributed by creating a photobooth set that let people take their own pics and print them out when they posted them Instagram.  Here are some party photos I snagged from World Red Eye but it you check the #becksurbancanvas tag, there are about a million more on the interwebs....

Wynwood Walls

Special Edition Coaster Set

Photobooth by Jessy Nite

Artists Abstrk and Jose Mertz

2alas in printing action

Going Miley in the photobooth

"Dope" by Jessy Nite 2014, assembled pills

Photobooth action with my homegirl, the beautiful Jill Weisberg on tha right!

Gone in 60 secs: Jose Mertz gear giveaway