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Early on in 2015 I was approached by local DJ Reid Waters and nightlife personality Silent Addy, who had a special concept for a monthly party Miami has never seen.  Based off the the Vibes Cartel track Miami Vice Episode, Reid and Addy wanted to create a party based in real Caribbean culture with a visual style that felt like home, but was totally unique by Miami standards. 

Miami is obviously a major party city, and every party flyer looks exactly the same so we needed something special (plus, I don't really do party flyers unless I get to go ham sandwich).  I dug through tons of dub, dancehall, and reggae visuals and decided that it would be awesome to just make a giant hand-painted sign in an array of letterstyles each month, but I also wanted to combine that with the absolutely SICK dancehall dance culture: headstands, splits, crazy outfits and slanguage...I wanted to incorporate it ALL.  

Episode 1 Flyer

Episode 4 Flyer

So, long story short (and like a million hours of painting later), our collaborative vision of music, vibes, and visuals has culminated into one of my favorite projects to date.  Every month I churn out a 4ft x 4ft wood sign that makes its way around town to promote the party.  And as for the actual party itself: banana clips.  It is the most fun, energetic, unique party in town.  The real Caribbean community comes out every month and throws it dances where everyone knows every step, guest dancers from Jamaica, and some of the most insanely HOT GYALS who dress and dance the part, all come together and just destroy the dancefloor. 

Episode 5 Flyer

Episode 3 Flyer

Episode 2 Flyer

Drink Menus

This is definitely one of those rare moments when all of us ended on the exact same page creatively and man its a beautiful thing.  Every month I am able add to a new series of work while just playing and exploring/evolving a new style.  I love designing outfits for the girls I draw and I love that each month gets to be something totally new.  I am not sure what we will do with all of the originals that we are accumulating, but for now its just all about the good vibes and good times.  If you are in Miami for the first Sunday of the month, come out for bbq, dancing, tunes and hold your red cup up...cause "it's like a Miami Vice Episode, Starring Everybody!"

Check out photos of the actual party on Instagram...theyre SO GOOD!!! @MVEpisode #MVEpisode

One of our guest dancers

Party favors!

Drink signage on location!

Di gyal dem

MVE Team: Silent Addy, Jessy Nite, Reid Waters

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