A few years back I was connected with the people at FREESIZE Thailand and was invited to do a show with them.  Although I was never able to make it out to Bangkok for the actual show, I got to know some of the other artists through online exchanges.  

One guy in particular, Tum aka Mamafaka, kept in closest contact with me over the years.  In that time I watched him grow into a very successful artist, representing Thailand for many worldwide brands.  His work was light, happy and full of personality.  We shared a connection through a mutual respect and love of typography and stylized illustration, and I think sometimes our own work was even inspired by one another.

I found out that Tum recently had an accident and passed away, and the news came as a real shock to me.  Its so sad see someone so young and ambitious go too soon.  It was so fun to see him climbing up to the top, and I hope that his work will be remembered for a long time.  

Tum, I wish we got the chance to really collaborate together like we had hoped.  I will always remember you and our exchanges and I am so sorry to see you go.  Hell Yeah forever!!!