photo by Peter Vahan

Well I am so excited to say I am finally DONE with the building I painted for the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project.  I had so much fun on this piece....meeting the locals, eating at some of the awesome spots on the strip, and getting to work with a super tight team to put it all together.  I also got to spend time with fellow mural-ers Ruben Ubiera and Luis Pinto...Bonus!!!

Special thanks to the Community Redevelopment Agency for making this process so easy for me and for giving the community something so nice.  Everyone was asking me if I was painting a jewelry store, or if it was for the bike shop etc., but when I told them it was for the city they were all really siked.

Also, thank you soooo much to Rose of "Rose's Place" (the hair salon next door) are so damn cute and your support and cheering me on really made me feel good.  And of course thank you to Reed from New Age Cycles...such a good dude and such an awesome store...go check him out!!!

I really enjoyed getting to know them and will miss seeing them every weekend.

Of course my dream team supreme of Jill Weisburg, Brittney Henriquez and photog Peter Vahan really made it all happen...thanks guys for making this so damn fun!  Peter has been documenting the entire project and will be putting together a video, so keep ur eyes peeled for that!!!