When the boys at Primary Projects told me about their September show and showed me the lineup of work for His WIFE & Her LOVER, I knew I wanted INNNN! They said they had nothing for the cranny room (the TINY sliver of a room inside the gallery), so I was down to try and come up with something for the space.

HELL HERE was a one night only "occurance" during the opening of the show. I like to think of it as an experiencial installation. I wanted to create something interactive that was all about the first person perspective and allowed for each person to have their own encounter with the piece. I wanted to recreate a moment experienced when youre coming to the end of a long bender...that moment when you find yourself coming in and out, still loving the drug, but suddenly becoming aware of the situation surrounding you...its usually a confusing, fucked up, anxious feeling.

To confuse and disorient the user, the ceiling, walls and floor were all blacked out and a lighting installation set it off in red. I teamed up with Miami local Djs NotForTheRadio to create a soundtrack for the space that would be played super loud in headphones while inside the room to help drive home the idea of disorientation and isolation.

And of course, the cherry on top of it all was that you pay $20 to enter the room (no peeking, either! you had to go al or nothing!) and were greeted by a dancer who sat you down in a chair positioned perfectly in the space to get the full effect, and went to town giving some of the craziest lapdances I have ever heard about!!!

Needless to say, it was fucking crazy! Such a fun piece and something I never thought I would ever do, but fuuuuck I am so glad I did. I have always wanted to create interactive work for the gallery and this was my first attempt at it. I really hope to do more because the payoff of seeing everyone come out sweaty, red, and "needing a cigarette" (can't tell you how many people said that), was the most rewarding reaction I have ever had to my work. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated...

A big special thanks to:
Books for working so hard to pull together an outstanding writeup to the piece that was displayed on the wall right next to the entrance.
NotForTheRadio for really bringing it to life with the music....download/listen to the track here!
Annnnnnnd to the wonderfully talented NefariousGirl Jipsy!!! She came in and shot the installation from a first person perspective...annnd was also our honored, first-guest-in-da-booth!