Wasssssup people...been out for a hot minute and thats because I actually took a mother fucking VACATIONNNNN!!! Like, a for real one, where you get on a plane, and go far away and do awesome nothing. NOTHING!!! I didn't do anything the whole time I was gone and it was soooo dooope! I feel like 8 million 20s and 100s.

But now I'm back just in time to start finally rolling out some of the projects that lead to that oh-so-needed vacay. Mannnn I've been dying to share some of them and I am gonna explode if I have to wait much longer....

First one out the door is the GET SIKED Summer Mixtape for MIA locals, Not For The Radio. Listen the mixtape here and get ready for a very cardiovascular 80+ minutes worth of bootyshakin!!!

There are a limited number of actual CDs that are going to be circulating around, so keep ur eyes peeled! I will post the full kit when I get them back from the the meantime, GET FUCKING SIKED....ITS SUMMERTIME, MUTHA FUCKKKKKAAASSSS!!!