PRIMUS POSTER: sneak peek

oh mennnnng I am so siked to get to do yet ANOTHER gig poster with the dopesssssst printers around, Iron Forge Press. This time around, the band is PRIMUS!!! SO COOOOL!!!

I have been trying to keep the Fillmore/S FL gig posters looking tropical, but still keep them band appropriate, which was extra hard for primus haha...but then after watching a bunch of their old vids I remembered how seriously silly they could be. Then I thought about my seriously burning love for cheesey tropical ish. (Anyone who knows me, knows that my fav department store is the tropical wear section of rillll!) Sooooo...I just mixed em together with some vintage postcard appeal and blammmo!!! The end product turned out pretty silly. I can't wait to see it printed and be able to share it, but here are some closeups til then :)