Is valentine's day like we have to say what we love? Well, I love my fwends, and family, annnnnnd apparently boys who dont love me back hahaha. But its cool...I don't need a valentine to catch a wicked case of VD!

During my warm and fuzzy period, aka the Friends & Lovers months, I grew tired of the love propaganda. I saved my big showcase spot for the VERY end and, when I thought I might puke from all of the love I was painting, I thought there is nothing left to paint but lovey-puke. So, for Valentine's Day, I repost Love Sick.

And to all the good people of the world: love someone, smoke sumthin, wait til tomorrow to buy a bunch of candy when it all goes on sale, and hey maybe you can get laid tonight...I've my fingers crossed for each and every one of you :)