Well, after painting my Friends & Lovers installation for a month straight, I kind of figured I was done for Basel...I even took the week off of werk so I could relax, party and view some amazing shit. But when The Fader hit me up about this Exhibitalia project and said I could paint the hood of a car, I was like HELLLL yeah!

I love old school hot rod art, pinstriping, sign painting, tattoo ish...you know what I mean...those genres share so many people and styles. Anyway, I was siked to do it, but not so siked on live painting. The whole time I was there, they were shooting pics and video, and we had to do interviews and stuff, which made makes me feel weird...I wore sunglasses the entire first session haha. But it was alright since the Fader crew was so rad....

They asked us to be there for four days, and everyone finished way ahead of me. I started to get annoyed and was beyond exhaustion, but I know how my process works (lots of refinement) and that I would finish, but would use every second I had. And I love painting by myself, so I am glad the other artists left haha...except Gustavo...I like him :)

I am super happy with how it came out! I wanted to treat it like a car by highlighting its curves, and using a textile-like pattern. And since i LOVE racing stripes, I made some out of diamond...I wanted it to look like they could fly off of the car when you start driving fast! Annnd I got to bring in some of the new striping elements I have been working on in secret, so all in all, it was great! Thanks Fader and Fiat and everyone who came out!