FRIENDS AND LOVERS: so f-ing close

holy shit...i am so beat. i have been working on this mural every second and am having a fucking blast! i love this shit! but yeah...i am tired and sore, but i am also almost finished with the first chunk of it! annnnd, its just in time for the opening in bangkok tomorrow!

the stuff I am painting on the bldg was originally made as a repeating textile pattern for the thailand show...its been used as like curtains and upholstery over there from what I hear...also, possibly tees and bags...looking forward to pics! freesize is so killing it!

anyway, this is the same lettering from the textile, plus some add ons, so it is nice to be finished with it at the same time as the opening...and i am sooo close to being done. check some process close ups from earlier this week...theyre a little dark because i have been getting there maaad early to squeeze in extra time before i go to work, so deeeaaaaallllll: