FRIENDS AND LOVERS: getting started

Whoooooa what a weekend! lots of hardwork and help from many of my truly incredible friends helped me kick off my Friends & Lovers Basel mural....woooohooo!!! It was, what I like to call: another Jessy Nite production.... because goddamn what a shitshow hahaha! You know, until you have the real dough to back up a project, this is pretty much exactly how it goes...a projector on top of a pile of wood, thats on top of a pile of magazines, thats on top of a tall ladder.

Orrrrr, drawing out letters while under a blanket on top of a 16 foot ladder because there is a street light right where you are trying to project...

Hahaha what a hilarious night! but it all worked out and we got some paint on on the walls today. I will def be grinding it out until the last minute tho...theres still sooo much ahead. But its cool.

i had some of the besssst fwends helping me, while others stopped by to say whats up and some even brought fried chicken and beer. Amazing. And seriously, today was INSANELY of the first cool miami days in almost a year! Does shit REALLY get any better than getting to spend a beautiful day outside with friends, drinking beer, painting type and hanging with your dog? Not really...I AM THE LUCKIEST!!!