I got in to Rhode Island this afternoon for Measuring + Collecting and spent the whole day just driving around and checking out how beautiful New England is this time of year (I will post more pics from that later on). I spend about four hours just driving around, getting kinda lost, finding cool shit to take pictures of, then finding my way and getting lost all over again. But it was so great that way because i get to see more.

While I was cruising around I was trying to figure out where the gallery was and I saw this barn around the vicinity, and told myself "Oh mannnnn I hope that's it..." Well, wouldnt you know it was. The Montanaro Gallery...such a sick spot...annnd I was greeted by my buddy Andrew Jacob and Michael Montanaro and we just kicked it all afternoon. Juuuuuust what the doctor ordered........

I am so siked for the opening tomorrow....its gonna be a great party and the show is sooooo raaadddddd! Tomorrow I hit Newport with the Mayor for a special Big Ballin Soul Kontrolling tour to remember. For now, here a peek at the space.