a few months back i was approached by SF company,, to do a poster for their press kit. Its a pretty dope idea for a company: you pay for a (very affordable) monthly subscription, and each month they send you a new pair of "stunners" so you can look like you're super cool! Stunners are sunglasses. And the subscriptions can be short or long, and even given as gifts. So yeah...this is the poster. I really am happy with it and have been waiting to get it in for awhile now, because I was dying to post it. I actually drew it from a friend's facebook photo which is always, "hey....I swear I'm not like, obsessed with you or anything, but are you cool with the fact that I have searched through all of your fb pics and found this one that I want to draw???" Alright, so maybe its not quite that weird because I actually looked through everyones fb photos for some reference of fun loving, sunglassed coolkids, but you know what I mean... anyway, they are for sale at my webstore, so checcccccck it out!