awhile back i worked on my sister's wedding invites, and guess what...this past weekend she had the wedding! she and her hubby live in seattle and held the ceremony and festivities at the LAKE CRESCENT LODGE on the OLYMPIC PENINSULA. that place is pure magic and i HIGHLY recommend it as a vacation/exploration destination. anyway, the colors were cocoa brown and lavender, and everything was handmade, by her bridesmaids, using local, natural things. there are a TON of lavender farms up there so we had those flowers everywhere, and i was asked to paint some rocks and drift wood for a little extra decoration. i busted these out really quick, but i think they are super cute. also, the groom is a beer freak so he made a list of his top 10 local beers and held a beer tasting at the reception, so i made a sign for that as well...that one is now happily hanging in their kitchen. oh and i carved their intials (while it was pouring down rain) into a nearby tree cause, well, i think its kinda cool. congrats, guys...i really could not be happier for you two xoxoxo