man...it seems like i did this project FOREVER ago! i guess it has a been a year and a half, but man, ive done so much work in between that i almost forgot about it! anyway, this was the first project i ever worked on involving WAYFINDING. it is something i knew nothing about, but have grown to absolutely LOVE.
we had to do event symbols and some other stuff revolving around the LONDON OLYMPICS in 2012. it was such a huge and exciting assignment and, in just a few weeks, i got a little carried away hehe. at the end of the quarter i told my teacher that i wish this was our only assignment and we had the entire quarter to work on it...i had too many ideas and not enough time to sort them out.
so yeah, my skills were a lot crappier then, but i think the concept still holds up. looking back, i wouldve taken time to focus my ideas a little bit more, but i was also totally inexperienced with this kind of thing. i'd like to think that nowadays, i would be able to bust it outttt. but i like this project and it popped into my head while drinking ice coffee with my dog this morning, so i dug it out of the external, erased the photos of my embarrassing model, and decided to post it. an oldie but a goodie...i guess its a personal fav because it got me really interested in a new kind of EGD.