this was a biiiiiiiggie! we had to actually present to the Times. like a panel of marketing VPs...really fun! the problem is that, people think of nytimes.com as JUST the paper online, when they are chock fullllll of great content. so, we wanted to talk to the target of college-age to early-30s...people who are just beginning (sometimes unknowingly) to form news gathering habits, and make their first stop nytimes.com. the first executions are to re-introduce the iconic "front page" as it is in modern times...a webpage. we also wanted to remind that, inside of this front page frame, things keep changing and happening....just like on the website that is frequently updated. then we go into a print execution that follows with the transparency idea. next, to two web apps we made up that interacts with their already established social network, Times People. also, these apps are supposed to be fun and help to drive traffic to the site. and last but not least, an on-campus event to excite and encourage readers to GET IN SYNC WITH THE TIMES. woohoo!

for luxury boxes

in the observation room at the stock parket

gallery/restaurant windows

the UN observation room

for boutique windows