alright, so you cant really ask for a better brand. this one was SUPER fun. the problem they are facing is that, while the show is VERY well known and has many viewers, even in their seventh season, they do not have a loyal following to their time slot. viewers are typically sitting down to marathon watch....not tune in regularly. we were thinking about what would create ULTIMATE loyalty...and we decided, well....the way to make people loyal for life is to save their life. i mean, if someone does something for me that will utlimately save my life, i will be theirs forever! so thats where we went with this. a little over the top, we wanted to take common myths and give the truth about them, in their true environment, and offer a solution to them. everyone in class did pretty much the same things, but ours were more focused and direct so, even though they are very silly, the executions still have some solidarity to them. we had SO much fun on this one....i really hope you enjoy it as much as we did. **we have a tv storyboard, too...i am condensing it so i will post it soon enough