MOUTAIN DEW is known for its ties to extreme sports and gaming. their target is 12-17 year old boys, but our planners wanted to extend that to the 18-25 demographic because redbull and monster are taking over a huge part of their market with product AND placement in extreme sports. since mountain dew's identity is pretty much just being cool, there was a lot of freedom. we recognized that through their work in extreme sports, moutain dew not only slapped a logo on the boards and sponsored, they really brought extreme sports to the main stream and took a group of boys who skate (who are very similar to their target) and gave them a platform to build a career while their sport flourished. now, the competition is on to the same idea, with the whole "energy" thing driving them, so we decided to find the next avenue that mountain dew can use to entertain and support their current and desired target. these guys spend most of their time online and we realized that one avenue that they all seem to enjoy, no matter the age, is comedy. so thats where we took it: FUEL YOUR FUNNY.

WEB: YouTube is a major of our target's life. There are young people who have become famous for their YouTube channels that are full of videos beyond the "trip and fall-America's Funniest Home Video" realm. These are kids who write content, develop characters, shoot and edit etc....and they are really pioneering a new kind of comedy. And, these same YouTubers are supported by video hits and support from our target. So, Mountain Dew will take 7 of these performers and put together the Dew Comedy Team. Each day, a new MD exclusive video will be posted (each performer has their own day of the week). This provides new, consistent content that creates a following and is completely unique to the Dew site. Also, each month there will be will a new video challenge posted. Each video challenge will ask viewers to participate in making their own video that is based around a theme or prop....something simple that can be found at a WalMart. The "briefing" will be similar to that of an improve game. Videos are submitted, rated, shared, etc.

DEW DOES COMEDY(event): a tour to promote the new platform. starring major stand-up guys as headliners, the Dew Comedy Team (YouTubers) will open the tour. This catches more mainstream attention and provides a live interaction with the brand.

*(For the heavy media of the campaign, we decided that we needed to have a face that is recognizable to most people, but wasn't a stand-up comedian (we wanted to distance ourselves from comedy central), so we though that the character of DWIGHT, from the office would be perfect.)

POP: These are really cool interactive vending machines. We saw it as a good opportunity for Dwight...he would be inside it, and pop open his blinds with a different thing to say about each flavor.

OUTDOOR: This is a digital billboard that Dwight is "stuck" inside of. He paces around and talks to people, saying the ridiculous thing he always does. You can type in questions to ask him and there is a CHUG button...everytime he chugs a Dew he gets weirder and does things like make nunchucks and throwing stars out of Dew bottles.

MORE WEB: The same idea of the digital billboard would be applied to the website so that anyone anywhere can interact with him. Through a chat setup, the same interactivity as the billboard is available.. The player has a live rewind/fast forward feature as well as a "record and send" feature so that you can show your friends when Dwight does the crazy things you ask of him.