some more fonts...old and new! PEEP SHOW is from a EGD project i worked on this quarter at school...i made a burlesque peepshow and i used this for some signage...there are actually a TON of hand drawn fonts from that project that need to be finished, so stay tuned. ONOMATOPOEIA is pretty old...its one of the first fonts that i ever made....its not techincally perfect, but i kinda like it that way...its a BIG UP to Comicraft...the BEST lettering house on the planet! they are responsible for every amazing comic book font out there...super influential to me and mannnnny. (great site, too!) next we've got CONSTRUCTION...i am trying to make complete upper and lower case fonts for anything thats not too fancy...i had a horrible time on a few of these letters but after putting on the shelf for over a month, i remembered that its time to finish it. Lastly, GNAR!!! this is actually inspired by another project i am currently working on (czech avant garde fun!). anyway...made a couple variations for it. so 80s, soooo gnarls...enjoyyy.