(snuck this flick at the flash of course! the links are to the info for his show...i HIGHLY suggest you see it)

while enjoying a beautiful sunday in boston, me and E headed over to the MFA to check out the EL GRECO exhibit. it was really great and i love his steez...dark, moody, painterly, haunting, beautiful...and there were plenty of other spanish renaissance masters showing as well. but it was the main show and it was SUUUPER crowded (duh...sunday!) so we went through it pretty quickly and still had enough time to check out the rest of the museum before it closed. i got the e-heavy private tour and he took me to see his favorite still life of all time, and the hidden room that unclogs artistic blockage...NICE! we were searching for the contemporary art space, but we found out it has been turned into an area to promote the new addition currently under construction ("yay" to a new addition...but mostly BOOOOOOOO!!!), but on our way out, we passed through one last gallery and were introduced to the world of another spanish artist, ANTONIO LOPEZ GARCIA!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god...his work is so FUCKING incredible. hyper realism slightly diluted by sharp perspectives vs fuzzy areas of rooftop cityscapes, household furnitures, dioramas with ghost babies floating down creepy hallways, baus reliefs and a case of miscellaneous baby heads. truthfully, all of the weird baby stuff is very secondary. his cityscapes will blow your mind. they are HUGE and are constructed of various canvases that just keep getting added on as his work progresses. most of the views are of MADRID and when you look at them, they feel that way...the way he uses light is so dramatic but real life. i am always SOOO happy to find artists that i have, for one reason or another, never heard of that inspires me so much. you know, we had to pay like 22 BUCKS each to see the special el greco exhibit and i was pissed because i always say that museums are too expensive, but then i see LOPEZ GARCIA and it reminds me how incredibly lucky i am to be there and experience his work in person, and get close enough to the canvas to see every little single-haired-brush detail (evident in both the renaissance Spaniards as well as the new generation!) that makes or breaks a master work. so, i guess what i am trying to tell you that you should check out his work so you can fall in love with it too, and SUPPORT THE ARTS!!! you will never EVER be let down when you go to a museum...there is always at least ONE piece that will open ur dome and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside...and that is WAY better than getting a half ass mix drink at a club where everyone is too cool to talk to each other about anything worthwhile. hmpf!