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"Jessy Nite is, in a word, fun. The Miami-based contemporary artist leaves in her wake a stream of playful, color-driven, and interactive works strewn across Miami’s densest public places. She’s a New Jersey native and Miami transplant, but her eclectic and spirited persona reflects the essence of Miami’s soul. Her skillful fusion of custom-made typography with vibrant colors, along with a little help from Mother Nature, crosses disciplines and forms in dynamic presentations.

Nite is largely known for her text art pieces, using the sun to cast magnificent shadows on block letters of mindful phrases such as “Sun Is High So Am I” and “Disappear Here.” She's whimsical with an edge, and she doesn’t shy away from experimenting with the risqué. Nite frees herself to toe the line of conventional boundaries, always while sporting a sweet yet rebellious grin. Her work hops masterfully across mediums and materials, in many cases using string, nails, metal, plaster, and even candy sprinkles. Though it looks good enough to eat, we don't recommend it."

- Intro by Paige Rosenthal

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This summer I was part of the group show Cash, Cans, and Candy III at HilgerNEXT in Vienna, so I recently went out there for the closing of the show and a few other projects.  I had a great time working on some public projects and hanging out in one of the cleanest, chillest cities in the world (Vienna is so beautiful!).  Heres a little recap of everything, but follow me on Instagram if you want to see more stuff while its  actually happening!

CAFE NENI- NaschtMarkt

Here's a little time lapse of me painting with my friend Judith hanging out and helping!

The NaschtMarkt is an outdoor dining market that runs about 1 mile along the Wein River.  The NaschMarkt is Vienna's most popular market and is known to be full of small bursts of street work from international muralists (there is very limited wall space). I was commissioned to do a small wall in the dining area at Restaurant Neni, owned by a family of local restauranteurs.  (Their restaurants are all healthy and delicious so I love visiting them!)

SPRAY PAINT WORK SHOP- Theresianium school

I took a private-school class of 24 11-year-olds out to the street to teach them how to use spray paint.  Haha...yeah...lets just say it ended up being a free for all, but some of the kids were really into it.  And yes, they all spoke impressive!  I had a really great time seeing them have so much fun...they had their own crew names and characters and everything!  I posted a bunch of live videos from this on Instagram that were sooo hilarious (follow me if you dont already...the new video feature is great for bts!).  Thanks to the school and to their teacher for being so laid back and allowing me to influence the future vandals of the world!

DISAPPEAR HERE- Sun Installation at WiPark at LiesingTransit Hub

Installation video by Artis.Love

The first International Sun Installation, Disappear Here, went up at the WiPark at Liesing Transit Hub in Vienna.  Its about three stories tall and faces North-West.  I am thrilled with the placement of the piece because the concept of the text works so well with the location, which is what I always strive for with these installations.

The best time to view it: year round is from about 2:30pm-5:30pm.  It should receive light throughout most of the day during the peak summer months

CASH, CANS, AND CANDY III- Closing Reception

Sebastian Shager, Peter Phobia, me, Boicut, Z

Sebastian Shager, Peter Phobia, me, Boicut, Z

For the closing of the show, the gallery held a handful of events including a local Mural Tour, catalog reviews and artist talks.  There was a lot of international talent in the show, but there is a solid crew of local, talented artists/gallerists/curators in vienna holding it down that were represented as well.  Such a great community out there, so thank you so much to everyone I got to spend time with!!!  And a very special thanks to Katrin Sophie for putting everything together and showing me such a great time!

MADE IN THE SHADE: Latest Sun Installation Opens in Wynwood

The latest of the Sun Installation Series opened this week in Wynwood and I have to say, its VERY exciting!  "Made In The Shade" is three stories tall and each row of hot pink acrylic letters is about 14 feet across.

The work is installed on a brand new building, 2121 Wynwood.  This is the new home of the Miami Spaces offices and art collection (which will be open to the public).  The exterior is a reflection of the tight relationship that the company has with local and international artists, with murals by ROA, Johnny Robles and 2alas.  Its always nice to be in the great company of talented friends!



2121 NW 2nd AVE, Wynwood (the corner of 21 Street and NW 1 Place)

  • because the wall faces East, it receives light as the sun rises
  • the work is in full view from first daylight until about 1-2pm (depending on the time of year)
  • optimum viewing time is from about  12-1pm, because the shadow grows to its tallest height   

I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who made this possible for me.  Kathryn Mikesell of Your Fountainhead for her advisement, the incredibly talented Deft Union for fabrication, and of course Miami Spaces for being such wonderful patrons and supporters of the arts.

SURFER'S HEALING: Artwork for Autism Charity

Surfer's Healing is an organization that seeks to "enrich the lives of people living with autism by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing."  They approached me and some of my favorite local art friends to paint some beautifully shaped board to offer up for charity and we were happy to jump at the chance.  Here's a little vid of me painting my board and talking about it all...

BACK TO VIENNA: Jessy on Exhibition at Hilger NEXT

It's time for summer shows and I am making my way back to Vienna this year!  I will be showing at Hilger NEXT Gallery for "Cash, Cans, and Candy," filled with some amazing international artists.  I will be out in Vienna for the closing in September, ready to paint walls and eat apricot danishes (although last time I was there, apricots were everywhere because it was summer).  Regardless of what fruits are in season, I am thrilled to catch up with Vienna friends while showing with a great institution like Hilger.  Stop by the show if you're in town to see brand new pill, shadow and collage works!  


The second outdoor Sun Installation is being revealed this month at Soho House Miami!  Head up to Ocho on the 8th Floor and check out "Sun Is High, So Am I" up above the pool.  The year long performance and interaction with the sun officially begins on June 20th (Summer Equinox), and the shadow letters will have more and more visibility each day as the year continues!  We will have lots of fun activities throughout the year so sign up for my mailing list to get the private invites!


"HOUSE HIGHLIGHTS" Interview with Soho House


What is the Sun Installation Series?

The sun installations are a new series of outdoor text works.  Letters that I create are mounted perpendicular to an outdoor wall, and as the sun rises and sets, it catches the letters, revealing a message through their cast shadows.  Some of the messages are nostalgic and sensitive, some are just for fun, but all of the messages relate to their location and are a reflection of the surroundings.

Up until very recently these installations have only been indoors in gallery exhibitions, but the piece I am installing at Soho House is one of the first outdoor instances.  


What inspired these works?

The Sun is a major part of our lives here in Miami.  Its a constant and it connects all of us.  By harnessing sunlight, these installations allow The Sun to narrate human stories of our city.


What reactions have you had to the outdoor works so far?

Taking this series outdoors, seeing the text move around with the sun all day, it becomes dynamic and automatically more exciting.

In May we put up the first outdoor piece, “High Hopes”, in Little Haiti and it has been so much fun.  Seeing the text become dynamic and move around with the sun all day is just really exciting in general,  but seeing the way the text acts as a backdrop to the people, culture and vibe of the neighborhood is what makes the work so special.  

Tips for Viewing for “Sun Is High:”

  • The sun, the reason why many people flock to Miami, is the activator and performer in this work.
  • The work is site specific and works with ever-changing position of the sun.
  • The text reads: Sun Is High, So Am I.
  • Everyday of the year, the best time to view the piece will be different.
  • June is when the piece is “emerging” and starting its cycle of visibility.
  • June 20 is the Summer Solstice, when the sun is the most opposite of the piece. It will be visible for the shortest amount of time all year.
  • “Sun is High” will be more and more visible every day after the Summer Solstice.
  • By mid September, the start of the season here in Miami, the sun will be shining on the piece most of the day.  
  • The sun is in the best position for viewing the piece (it should receive the longest amount of sunlight that day) December 21, the Winter Solstice.  Seems like a great time for a party!
  • The piece will be visible throughout most of the day through the end of March (the Spring Equinox) 
  • The stainless steel letters make the work visible at all times even without the sun.  Stand below and look up!

"FEELS LIKE HOME" Basel Week 2015: press

For Miami Art Week/Art Basel 2015, Jessy opened her own pop-up gallery space in Wynwood.  The concept "Feels Like Home" was a space where visitors were welcomed to view Jessy's work in an interactive environment staged with her own personal artifacts and furniture collection.  Jessy also invited her friends Dale Zine to join in with a library full of their publications and a workspace for zine creation.  It was a great place to meet up and hang out for art appreciators and creators alike, so check out these two visits from amazing photographers....



"In this episode of Hidden, we follow local photographer David Cabrera as he shoots in Miami's trendy Wynwood district during Art Week, visiting artists Jessy Nite, Magnus Sodamin, Michael Vasquez and Hoxxoh."

Full Video Here...


Jipsy, a well known photographer and night lifer, spent a few days at "Feels Like Home" to catch photos of the crowd, the space and the vibe (as well as debut her own zine!).  Check out this great recap of the week.

View the photo story here...


Grab a copy of the Miami New Times "Miami People Issue 2015" with Jessy Nite on the cover!  Out on stands now, the issue highlights 20 of Miami's most influential people.  Grab a copy while you still can or check out Jessy's article, Jessy Nite Remakes Wynwood on the New Times site.


Here is a list of allll of the Jessy Nite-ness you can handle during Basel!!!


2085 NW 2 Avenue #105|  Wynwood  | November 30- December 6

Miami artist Jessy Nite welcomes you into her latest solo exhibition Feels Like Home, a fully functional and interactive space to view and create art.  Staged to replicate her own home studio, view Nite's latest works among her collection of vintage furniture and personal artifacts.  Visitors are welcomed to come on in and take a seat, charge their phone and rest their eyes from the typical white box exhibition spaces and view Jessy's wide range of formal gallery works in a setting that feels comfortable and familiar.  Because no lounge is complete without a reading nook, Miami-based Dale Zine will curate a library of their own publications featuring Miami artists like Jen Stark, Friends With You, and Gabe Alcala from Jacuzzi Boys.  There will be special events throughout the week and items for sale ranging from collector prices to small items under $20 and visitors can even make their own zines.


801 Ocean Drive- MIT Booth F37

December 2-6

Amidst tremendous support from the City of Miami Beach, SCOPE celebrates its 15th anniversary edition with 120 international exhibitors from 22 countries and 57 cities. With many well-established galleries upgrading to larger booths, SCOPE Miami Beach will debut a more spacious pavilion to showcase a robust VIP program featuring three curated sections: Juxtapoz Presents, the Breeder Program, and FEATURE.

With unprecedented outpouring of critical acclaim from press, curators and collectors, and a digital and social media outreach campaign garnering over 300 million impressions, SCOPE Miami Beach’s monumental pavilion will once again be situated on historic Ocean Drive to welcome 45,000 visitors over the course of 6 days.


3900 North Miami Ave | Design District

This expansive show will include an array of works in all media, by a selection of some of the finest artists of South Florida. Sculpture and installation works, painting, photography, mixed media and works on paper, as well as video and performance are included. The breadth of this exhibit will be both inclusive and discerning, with an emphasis on innovation, impact, and inspiration, in ways which are integral to the lush, tropical-urban environment that exemplifies South Florida. There will be a total of over 150 participants, encompassing internationally and nationally known established, mid-career and emerging artists included. A 220 page full color, hardcover book will be released by [NAME] Publications in conjunction with the exhibition.


GRAMPS: 176 NW 24 Street | Wynwood

Sunday Dec 6, 2pm-Midnight

A special Art Basel edition with an Exhibition of Jessy Nite's hand painted #MVE signs from the past year, Silent Addy's Earthstrong celebration, live performance by Jesse Royal and SPICE, plus a lineup of more than 10 DJs from Miami, NY and of course Jamaica. The perfect way to Whine Down after a long week of basel-ing.

PRESS: HIGH HOPES writeup in the New Times

Its been a minute since I sat down to talk with the New Times (man I have given some totally hilarious/embarassing interviews with them over the years).  Carolina del Busto came by my studio a few days before High Hopes, my solo show at the new Redbull Miami Office, opened to the public and we had a really nice chat about what I've been up to lately and what people can expect to see for this exhibition.  I am so happy with how it came out, so take a read!

Sidenote, the New Times office is right across the street from the Redbull Office so they've been watching me sweat it out while painting Red Bull's facade for the last month haha!